3 Day Visit

On the 10th 11th 12th we went up to the high school for a visit.  Prefects took us to our classes and showed us where to get our lunch and  how to put money on our lunch cards. ( young scott cards ) It was really fun we met loads of new friends and teachers.  Im really looking forward to coming up but also dreading it. 🙂 🙁

day 1

I had art it was really fun we made a lable saying our names and class. Then we had science which wasn’t fun because we went through safety rules with a scary teacher. They gave us juice for playtime and crisps and fruit. At lunchtime I had pasta king. Then we did house activitaves.


 we had a full normal day at LHS. I had pe with Miss Norrie which was great fun!


We had a normal morning but had house activaties in the afternoon!


my hobbie

 My hobbie is art. In art there are lots of different things  to do such as

drawing cutting sticking colouring and more.

The benefit of my hobbie is that I can hang my art work on the wall and make my house look nice.

The person envolved with my art work is my art teacher.

 You need equipment for art for example paint brushes, paper, scissors, glue and more.

The best feature about art is the way in which you can express your feelings in a creative way. You could also sell your paintings for money.

I would recommend my hobby to others because no matter what skill level you are, you can make something fabulous and feel a real sense of acheivement!!